First Time Attendees

In order to provide first time clients with one on one attention, we recommend a private introductory session. This allows our experienced instructors to asses your health history, body alignment and provide insight into your body's particular needs and how to address them.


Private Sessions

One on one sessions allow you to receive individualized instruction to meet your specific needs.

Private sessions are ideal for anyone seeking in-depth instruction in the Pilates Method, and especially for anyone with special considerations (recovery from injury or surgery, pre- and post-natal, or other chronic issues). They can also be scheduled periodically to review exercises learned in group classes that need more instruction or assistance.


Semi-Private Sessions—Pairs and Trios

We offer semi-private sessions for groups of two or three people. This option allows you to work in a small, more private setting while receiving increased hands-on attention from the instructor. This option is also great for pairs and trios who need scheduling flexibility, as the sessions are booked by appointment.


Group Classes

VIRTUAL- Our group classes consist of various Pilates mat classes, specialty classes and equipment classes. We run our group classes in sessions. Registration is normally for the full session but beginner classes are sometimes started mid session depending on demand.  Individual classes can also be purchased. Personalized attention to our clients is a priority in all of our classes. 

IN PERSON- please contact the studio via email