Who We Are

How do I register for a Private or semi private session?

  • You can request a private or semi private session via our mindbody booking system on the "Appointments" tab. or with this link
  • You can email (info@pilateseq.ca) or call the studio (780.461.9594) as well.  Please include day and time restrictions in your request as well as any health history information that may be beneficial for us to know.

How do I register for a group class?

  • Our group classes are run in 4 separate sessions over the year.  Registering for a full session is the most economical but individual classes are available to.  Contact the studio via email  to register after the beginning of a session.   
  • Use this link to see the classes currently running  SCHEDULE
  • Email the studio if you require assistance in registering in a class or creating an account.

What class should I register in?

  • Please click on the names of the classes on the schedule to see descriptions
  • Pilates classes are progressive in nature and you learn more repitoire as your progress.  While an higher level class may not be more strenuous than an entry level class, the knowledge of muscle connections and transitions to exercises is necessary. 
  • If you require assistance in assessing what class to register in, please contact the studio

Can I just drop in to a class rather than register?

  • All classes must be preregistered. If you are new to the studio, please contact us via email or phone so we can help with the process. You must purchase a pass to complete the registration.
  • Pilates EQ reserves the right to cancel a class if there is insufficient registration.  The on-line schedule will be updated if the class is cancelled and cancellation email notifications sent to registered clients. 

What is the cancellation policy for group class?

  • We request that you cancel your reserved spaces as early as possible so that it can be open for someone else to use.
  • Reserved spaces can be "early cancelled" up to 24  hours before the class. Unfortunately, cancellations within the 24 hour notice period (late cancelled)will be charged as if the class was attended.  Please still cancel your spot so someone else can attend. Late admittance to classes is at our discretion for the safety of all our clients.
  • No shows for reserved spots are unfortunate as the spot can go unused and as a result must be charged as if the class was attended.   
  • In the event that you incur an injury or suffer from an ongoing illness that prevents you from participating in your registered class, please email the studio to discuss the matter. Each case is dealt with on an individual basis.


When can I start?

  • You can start classes at any point but we recommend that you consider an introductory private so that we can help guide you to the classes that are appropriate for you.  Some group classes may not be appropriate for those with joint or mobility restrictions or bone density issues. 
  • Private or semi- private training can begin at anytime throughout the year. 

Can I take group classes if I have an injury or restrictive condition?

  • It depends on the nature of your injury or condition.  It may be more appropriate to start or continue your Pilates in a private or semi- private lesson.  We can review the circumstances with you and provide suggestions as to what your options may be.  It may be appropriate for you to take at least one private session for us to make the appropriate recommendation.

Can I do Pilates while pregnant?

  • Please speak to your doctor before beginning any exercise program when you are pregnant.  If you have previous Pilates experience and it is appropriate for you to continue you will need to make   modifications to your practice as you progress and there may come a time where group classes are longer appropriate for the individual.   We recommend taking private sessions to create a home program of safe and appropriate exercises and to consult with your instructor your progression through the pregnancy.