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As of Jan 1, 2024 Pilates EQ is now operating as

"The Pilates Room"

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After nearly 20 years we have decide to windup our Pilates EQ partnership and
Lorraine is continuing with her new studio. 
Lorraine is very excited that Kelly and Nancy will
continue to teach with the new studio!


Find TPR at www.pilatesroom.ca

The Pilates Room will offer:

Private and Duet Sessions- in person and virtually

Mixed Pilates Equipment Classes -in person- Max 3 people

Live Virtual (Zoom)  Pilates and Somatic Movement Group classes

Prerecorded Pilates Reformer classes (great for home reformer owners!)


TPR schedule link- Click Here


The studio contact information is:


780 913 6394

60 52304 Range Road 233 Sherwood Park, AB T8B 1C9


How can Pilates movement help?

Pilates is a wholebody movement practise that comes from your center and is inspired by breath.  You focus to move with precision, purpose, rhythm and flow.

It helps you to breathe freely, move more mindfully and encourages you to embody it into your everyday life so that you can live freely! 

You can gain body awareness, strength, mobility, ease of movement and wellness


 Essential Somatics Movement- What is it?

Read our blog post to learn more about this Sensory Motor Training


This practice is a great compliment to Pilates and everything else that you'd like to do