Group Mat and Fitness Class Descriptions

Using a padded exercise mat, the Pilates Mat classes focus on strengthening your center or "core", building muscle tone and flexibility and increasing body awareness while using specific breathing techniques.

Small apparatus such as foam rollers, stability and Yamuna Body Rolling Balls, magic circles, Fletcher Braided Towels, Thera-bands and yoga blocks may be used to assist and challenge various movements.


Pilates Mat Classes


Core Essentials (no pilates experience required)

  • An introduction to the basics of Pilates breath and other fundamentals of Pilates
  • Great for newcomers or those who want to explore their Pilates Practice at a fundamental level
  • Great for the aging body or those recovering from and injury.  Participants are welcome to stay in the class until they feel confident to enter other beginner, specialty and equipment classes

Mindful Mat I (no pilates experience required)

  • Wake up your core muscles ( the Pilates Powerhouse) by learning Pilates fundamentals and beginner level exercies
  • "In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 your will see the difference and in 30 you will have a whole new body"  Joseph Pilates


Mindful Mat II (Prerequisite- Mindful Mat I)

  • This intermediate level workout continues to utilize the Mindful Mat I exercises as well as adding more difficult intermediate exercises as well as adding more diffcult
  • Props maybe used (balls, thera-bands, rollers, etc.)


Mat Pilates with Props- Multi level

 (accommodates healthy non-injured bodies at all skill levels )
  • Explore various props and small accessories in this multi- level class.  the MELT method balls and rollers, regular foam rollers,  the magic circle, small balls, weights, therbands and various other props are all great tools to enhance your pilates routine.
  • Beginners welcome! If you are dealing with an injury or body restrictions, please contact the studio before registering.

Specialty Pilates Group Classes


Mat - Rejuvenating (Prerequisite- teacher discretion)

  • This bone safe class is geared towards the aging body that is having various body issues including (but not limited to) joint restrictions, joing replacements, mobility issues or bone density issues.
  • We move at a slower pace than in our other classes to allow more specific attention to individual issues.

Pilates for Buff Bones I/II ™ 

  • This is a dymanic bone safe class that strengthens the backside of the body (butt, hips, arms and back) using specific bone-strengthening techniques to  align and balance the body.
  • This is a beginner Pilates based workout developed by Rebekah Rotstein and is great for all ages with or without bone density issues

Pilates for Buff Bones II ™

  • Applying the same principles as the level I class, pump up your workout to a higher level. 
  • This class is great for an intermediate Pilates student with or without bone density issues

Time Out for New Moms - Mat (Postnatal Pilates)

  • Pilates is perfect for the postnatal body and is one of the best methods for getting back into shape.  Rebuild your center and discover new friends in your steps to regaining your fitness.  This class will focus on breathing, posture, strengthening core and the pelvic floor.  Babies up to 6 months can be in tow.

Specialty Classes


Somatics Education Class 

  • Based on the work of Thomas Hanna this is a sensory motor training movement class
  • You will be verbally led through a series of slow and mindful movementsmostly on the floor.  By focusing on your your own internal movement, you become aware of your movement patterns and can make changes to your nervous system more effectively and efficiently. You gain awareness to release habitually contracted muscles and regain control over them.  You reconnect your brain to your muslces and release muscular tension from the center to the periphery
  • Read more about Somatics on our blog

Yamuna ® Body Rolling (YBR)

  • YBR is a fitness and therapy practice that combines healing, wellness and injury prevention.  YBR heals body issues at the same time that it helps you get in shape.  Come and roll out your tight muscles using specific YBR balls to release muscle tension, increase circulation and free joint restrictions.
  • This class is for almost everyone, including the elite athlete looking for that recovery edge they are missing in their training regime.