Yoga Therapy with PAUL CRAMER


Yoga Therapy with PAUL CRAMER 


What if you could move more fluidly & with greater ease?


Wed 10 AM- Yoga Therapy for Pain Free Movement


The goal of this class is to learn new ways of moving.  Through the therapeutic application of yoga, we gain an awareness of how to feel better through movement. With greater awareness and sensitivity we are able to make lasting changes.

6 Week Workshop #1-Sept 30- Nov 5

6 Week Workshop #2 - Nov 11- Dec 16



Thurs 7 PM- Yoga Therapy for Backs


This class is for people who are experiencing limited mobility or pain in their back.  It is movement based therapy that seeks to resolve these issues at their root.  By learning to move without pain, we establish ways of interacting with our environment.

6 Week Workshop #1-Oct 1- Nov 6

6 Week Workshop #2 - Nov 12- Dec 17


Register for full 6 weeks or single visits

Full 6 Week workshops- $108 +GST

Single Workshop visit- $18 +GST