The MELT Method Progressions Workshop



MELT Method Progressions Workshop

Saturday, November 25
1:00-3:00 pm

What will you experience?

  • Reinforcement of the MELT moves from the MELT Intro workshop
  • Advancements into more body specific areas
  • Focus on the front line, lateral lines and deep hip

How to be prepared for the workshop?

  • Familiarity with MELT language, philosophy and foundation moves
  • Prior participation in MELT Intro Workshop (recommended) (alternatively, savvy body rollers are welcome!)
  • Practice melt techniques regularly (2-3x per week)- highly recommended!

Bonus items!

  • New "MELT Performance" moves will be presented to re-integrate and re-pattern certain stabilizers of the body

Led by Angie Hubble 
Angie’s certifications:

  • Certified Peak Pilates TM Instructor
  • Melt TM Instructor Hand and Foot
  • Melt TM Instructor Level 2




If you have any questions, call us at 780-461-9594.

Not enough MELT experience yet?- Get started with a Hand and Foot Private with us.  It is great to get started to reduce or eliminate pain and move with ease!