Studio Reopening July 2


Welcome Back!

We're very excited to open our doors again and see you in person.  We have decided to take a graduated approach to returning to the studio and we will be opening up in person starting July 2.  We just received the final government decision on our stage 2 inclusion.  To make sure we are ready and procedures established, we will be ending our Spring programming on Wednesday, June 24 and reopening on July 2.   Any unused spring packages will be extended out until July 11.

In planning our return to in-studio operations, new measures will be in place to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID 19 infection.  Here are some of the changes we are implementing for the safety of staff and clients.

Studio Physical Social Distancing (class sizes to be capped at 5):
To maintain social distancing requirements in the studio, we will cap the class size to 5 participants.  We have set up the reformers, chairs and mats to have 2 meter distances between them.  There will be a "demo" reformer for the teacher  to avoid sharing of equipment. Our teachers will wear face masks and/or face shields in case we need to spot or assist.  In these situations, physical distancing would not be possible.  As well, we have vinyl wraps for the equipment straps to make them easier to disinfect. 

Timing between classes to be extended:
Class times will be changed to allow for cleaning and disinfecting of equipment between appointments and classes.  We are looking at 20 minutes or more as a buffer between appointments.  This will assist with social distancing in the reception area as well.

Pilates Mat and Somatic classes will continue virtually (for right now):
With decreased class sizes and additional cleaning requirements, we have made the difficult decision to keep mat and somatics classes virtual for the time being.   We will re-evaluate in-studio mat and somatics classes through out the summer.  

Masks required:
Our small reception area will make it  difficult to maintain the 2 meter social distancing requirements, so all visitors and staff will be required to wear non medical masks before entering the studio.   We ask that staff and clients use their own masks.  Mask usage by clients during your workout is optional, given physical social distancing will be in place.

Covid 19 Screening:
All staff and clients will be asked to complete a Covid 19 Screening checklist prior to entry to the studio.  Clients with symptoms will not be able to enter the studio and late cancellation fees will be waived.

Additional protocol information:

  1.  Please do not bring companions to your appointment/classes.
  2.  Please leave backpacks, water bottles and excess clothing at home or in your car.  We ask that you come dressed for your session to the studio to help with the flow in and out of the studio. 
  3. If you arrive early, please wait in your car until 10 minutes prior to your class time. One person will be allowed into the reception area at a time to take off shoes and coats.  A COVID-19 screening questionnaire  will be completed and you will be asked to proceed directly into the studio.

Appointment booking and class registration (online, phone or email):
Jen will be available to help you with questions and purchases but discussions will be best done in advance via phone or email.  In person socializing will need to be kept to a minimum so class changes can be smooth and we keep her safe!  Sorry-no cash transactions right now.

Summer Programming
We will provide more details on summer programming separately as we are still finalizing the schedule.  Our summer schedule will be based on our graduated approach to opening.  We would greatly appreciate feedback to aid us in our planning. Please drop us an email to to answer these few questions:

  • are you interested in attending equipment classes this summer? If yes, please suggest day(s) and times
  • are you planning to continue virtual classes this summer? 
  • are you planning on taking time off in the summer and returning to the studio in September?

Once you have reviewed the summer schedule, please email  us at  or give us a call at 780-461-9594 to book your classes and appointments.  The schedule will be available online prior to June 20. Clients with account credits should contact Jen to discuss purchases.

Thank you so much for your continued support during these challenging months.  We are excited to get back into the studio, and continue with our virtual classes, to help meet your health and wellness goals.  If you have any further questions, please contact us.
Kelly and Lorraine