Spring 2020 and New Teacher


Spring 2020 Session - Sat. Apr 4 to Mon. June 29

How do I register?

  • To guarantee a space in a class, you register for the full session and purchase an 11 or 12 week session  pass ( that depends on the day of the week for the class).  If you are unable to attend a particular day in the session, you can early cancel the visit and book a makeup class in a similar or lower level class. See more info below.
  • If you are unable to commit to the whole session, you can purchase singles or a 10 visit drop in  session pass and book into appropriate level classes space permitting.  
  • All passes expire on June 29th and there is no carryover to future sessions for non-use.

How long is the session?

  • 11 Week session for Fri. classes
  • 12 week sessions for Mon.- Thurs. and Sat. classes

What classes are offered?

Here is a link to our preliminary  Spring schedule.  The schedule will be finalized based on enrollment numbers so please sign up early to secure a spot in the class.  Please review the schedule as there has been a few changes to classes, start times and teachers (our announcement below!).  Special notes:
  • a new BEGINNER PILATES EQUIPMENT class Wed. at 6:30pm,
  • a Power Pilates Mat class; Sat. 12:30pm  - see description below

When can I register ? 

Timeline to follow:

 Mar 7 - Mar 15      Existing Clients: Save your current spot in a class    

  • Existing clients can secure their space in the next session by registering with the studio via email, phone or in person. Full payment is required to secure a class space and there is a 5% discount for early registration. You can't register yourself online during this time frame.

 Mar 16      Open registration begins:    

  • You will have on line access to purchase sessions and register in classes this day.  If you are changing classes, please wait until this day to view availability.  A 5% sale on sessions continues until March 22.

Mar 23      Drop in visit pass can be purchased:    

  • A 10 visit drop in pass will be sold for those who can't commit to the full session  and it is available on line or in person.  It can be used on a drop in basis, space permitting. 

What does it cost?

5% Sale for early full session registration Mar 7 - Mar 22 only!

  Day of week Equipment (GST Extra) Mat (GST Extra)
11 Week session Fri. $319.00 ($29 ea)
Sale $303.05 ($27.55 ea)
12 Week session Mon- Thurs.& Sat. $348.00 ($29 ea)
Sale $330.60 ($27.55 ea)
$216.00 ($18 ea)
Sale $205.20 ($17.10 ea)
10 Visit pass Drop in- space permitting $320 ($32 ea) $200 ($20 ea)
single - $34 $21.50
All passes expire on June 29th and there is no carryover to future sessions for non-use.

Make ups?
Make up  of early cancelled visits (24 hours in advance) are allowed in the same or lower level class, space permitting.  Late and/or no-show visits are not available to be made up.  An equipment class can also be made up in a mat class, space permitting.  Please arrange that kind of makeup with the studio directly.  Please note:  Make ups can only be booked once the session starts.

If you have questions please contact the studio.  We look forward to seeing you in classes!

New Instructor

We are very pleased to announce our newest teacher with Pilates EQ-  Duygu Birol

Duygu is originally from Turkey and is a fully Certified Pilates Instructor (Comprehensive Balance Body Certification).  She has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and graduated top of her class in her Physical Education Degree.  After her professional swimming career where she spend 9 years on the Turkish National Swimming team, she has spent 6 years as a personal trainer and Pilates Instructor before moving to Canada.

She is passionate about a healthy life style and  believes that she can help motivate students to reach their personal goals towards being healthy and happy. 

'I have always liked sports.  It can be fair to say that it is in my DNA.  I am passionate about helping my students achieve their personal targets and improving their health as well as giving them joy of life. I enjoy being involved in all details to ensure each client is progressing safely and effectively while increasing their strength and mobility.  I believe that everyone can do Pilates!'

You will see Duygu on the schedule for Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoon.  Check out her new class- Power Pilates Mat -Combining Classical Pilates mat work , resistance/ light weight training, balance challenges and jumping to build a stronger supple body dynamically.