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Live Pain Free!

Pilates EQ is excited to be hosting Elizabeth Wakley from Essential Somatics for a Fundamentals Immersion Workshop on April 18 and 19 (9am-5pm daily). 
If you are seeking a long-term solution to pain relief, want to regain your freedom of movement, or are simply looking for answers, then this course is for you. It's never too late to learn to live your life pain-free!

This workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the core principles of Clinical Somatics: the science, philosophy, techniques, and Somatic Movements. It is for anyone with an interest in learning about or seeking to deepen their understanding of Clinical Somatics for their own personal education and exploration. No prior experience or training is required to participate. 

The workshop will be led by Elizabeth Wakley who is a Certified Clinical Somatics Educator from Calgary, Alberta.  Elizabeth’s teaching style is exceptional and we are pleased that she is coming to share her knowledge with us.

The early bird price for the workshop is $375 USD until March 22 ($425 USD regular price).  We believe the experience will be well worth the investment.
This workshop is appropriate for everyone including beginners and our clients who are already in a regular Somatics practice so please invite a friend to come with you. As we believe the learning will be invaluable, we both plan on attending the workshop along with a few of our instructors.
We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Here is a poster to share with your friends.

Registration is directly with ESSENTIAL SOMATICS. For more details about the course and registration please use this link
In good health,
Kelly and Lorraine