Kim to Ride in the Best of the West Cycle Tour

Kim and Jan to ride in SASA Best of the West


Kim to ride in the
Best of the West Cycle Tour 


In June, Kim and I will ride 866km to raise funds for child and adolescent mental health (CASA).  Mental illness touches us all one way or another.  Besides a horrendous personal suffering caused by mental illness, it is projected that the global economic cost over the next two decades will be more than the cost of cancer, diabetes and respiratory ailments COMBINED.  Yet it is mostly unrecognized and grossly underfunded.  70% of mental health disorders start during childhood and adolescence and this campaign aims to help where it’s most effective – right at the beginning.  If you would like to support this worthwhile cause please click on this link:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and best wishes for 2016 for you and your loved ones 

Kim and Jan Novotny