Fall 2 Session and News

Next Session for Live Virtual Classes

Our current session comes to an end on Mon. Oct 31st and we will start a new 7 week session on Tues. Nov 1st ending on Mon. Dec 19th. We have 7, 5 and single visit passes for this session that you can buy online with the following link.  Please register in the classes after you buy your pass.  

Can't make the class times that we have? No problem! We send a recording of the class to each registered participant to view for 7 days after the class.


Link to Purchase passes for Virtual classes- Nov 1 to Dec 19th

Why should you do LIVE Virtual Classes with us?

Our classes focus on getting people moving in a mindful way wherever they are.  As we have transitioned from a large studio to smaller home studios, the virtual classes allow us to share our love of movement and maintain our movement community.  It allows both our clients and instructors to travel and still join together to keep movement as a part of our lives.  There is time before and after the class to ask questions and get assistance with movements.  If you haven't done a class with us before, please email us to start a conversation about movement.


PEQ Pilates Virtual Mat Classes

Our Pilates Mat I/II and II classes offer movement based on the original mat work of Joseph Pilates. These intermediate classes provide progressions of movements to allow clients to choose a version that is appropriate for their level of practice. Pilates is a whole body movement practice that requires concentration and mindful movement.  We want to help you learn the best way to move to get the most from your efforts.   There are classes on Wed. 9:00am with Lorraine, Thurs. 10:15 with Kelly and Thurs. at 7:00pm with Carrie.

Our Strong Bones classes are safe for clients that have concerns regarding low or declining bone density.  Loaded forward and lateral spinal flexion and twisting that is in a regular Pilates movement class can be contraindicated for this client group.  This class provides challenging alternatives for those whole body Pilates movements.  We also incorporate standing, balance and light hand weight work to strengthen muscles and bones. It is not an easier class, it is just adapted and is good for everyone!  Declining bone density is a silent risk for our society that we might not be aware of.  We all should be preparing!  There are classes on Mon. 9:00am with Kelly and Fri. 9:00am with Lorraine.
Want to discuss what is right for you?  Please email the studio and we can help guide you.


PEQ Virtual Somatic Movement Classes

What is Somatics and why do people benefit from Somatics movement classes?

Somatics is a movement practice that helps you identify your patterns of movement that are contributing to chronic tension and possibly pain.  This may show up as chronic low back tightness, sore neck and shoulder muscles, foot issues etc.  Our classes provide tools (awareness and movements), which you can utilize daily.  Somatics helps you move freer so that you can once again enjoy long walks, golf, hiking, tennis and any of those activities that bring MORE JOY TO YOUR LIFE.

We offer two classes each week: Mon. at 6:30pm with Nancy and Thurs. 9:00am with Kelly. Come and join us.

Are you new to Pilates or Somatic movement and want to learn more about it?  Email the studio prior to registering in the weekly classes.  We can organize a session for beginners or get you into an introductory private session.

View our current schedule of Virtual Classes


Do you have your own Pilates Reformer Equipment at Home?

We are starting a Live Virtual Intermediate Reformer class on Tues at 10am and we are reaching out to clients who have their own equipment at home that might want to join in a class.  The registration for this class is only via email to the studio.  Please email pilates2@telus.net for more information.


Virtual and In-person Private and Duet sessions

Beginning your movement practice or wanting to receive some more personal attention?  Treat yourself!  We offer virtual and in person sessions for Pilates and Somatic movement.  Please email the studio to arrange a session with Kelly or Lorraine at their home studios.

We appreciate your continued support of our movement community.  If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you.

Warm wishes to you all,
Kelly and Lorraine