Fall 16 Session Early registration and Summer Update


Summer Session- July 4- Aug 29

There is still time to register for the full 8 week session and get the session bundle at $216 ($27ea) for equipment classes and $128 ($16 ea) for Mat classes.  

Summer 6 visit drop in passes for the session are on sale now.  SALE! If you purchase them before June 25th you will save 5%.  Use these link to easily purchase your pass and then register for your classes.
Classes are filling fast and a few adjustments have been made to the schedule.  Please check the applicable week's schedule for availability. All passes expire on Aug 29th.  Sorry no carry overs.  See Schedule 

Early Fall Session Registration

Fall Session- Sept 10 to Dec 12- 10 % sale on until June 30th

We are opening up the fall registration today and offering a 10% discount to those clients who purchase the full 13 week session before June 30th.

The session will be similar to the spring 2016 offering but with a few changes to the levels of classes.  Please view the schedule using this link and by advancing the calendar to September- See Schedule .  If you have any questions about what a class is or what level of class you should consider, please discuss this with your instructor or send us an email  to pilates2@telus.net.

The regular price for  full 13 week session  bundles will be at $351 ($27ea) for equipment classes and $208 ($16 ea) for Mat classes.  Until June 30 you save 10% ( per class prices reduce to $24.30 and $14.40)



Fall 11 visit drop in passes for the session will go on sale July 1.  Prices will be at $330 ($30ea) for equipment classes and $198 ($18 ea) for Mat classes.  All Fall passes expire on Dec 12th.  Sorry no carryovers.


Please note there will be a small break between the end of summer session and the beginning of the Fall session ( Tues. Aug 30 to Fri. Sept 9) where the studio will be open for private and duet sessions. We will be closed for the Thanksgiving weekend on Sat. Oct 8 and Mon Oct 10.


We look forward to helping guide you in your Pilates practice!  Creating awareness of how you feel today and helping you make lasting improvements to your health and wellness through breath and movement.


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