Changes at Pilates EQ


Spring is here!


Spring is a time for growth and change and we have news to share with you.  As of June 30, 2019 our Pilates EQ partnership will be changing.   

As many of you know, Kim Novotny, has been immersed in study with her Essential Somatics Clinical Training. Kim will be leaving the partnership on June 30th to further pursue her clinical training and movement practice. We would like to thank Kim for all that she has brought to Pilates EQ.  We will miss her and wish her well in this new chapter of life.  Please find Kim’s personal note to you below.
Kelly Curry and Lorraine Kruper are very excited to be continuing on the work of Pilates EQ, along with their wonderful staff. Kelly and Lorraine look forward to working with all current and future clients in their personal journeys to health. Please stay tuned for Summer Registration coming at the end of May.
Best wishes to everyone,
Kelly and Lorraine


Kim's Personal message to Pilates EQ clients and friends,

After 15+ years as an co-owner/instructor of Pilates EQ, my journey as a movement educator will take a turn in a different direction.  As of June 30, 2019 I will no longer be part of the Pilates EQ team.
Those of you I have had the honour to serve as one of your teachers, know I am in a deep study of a body of work called Essential Somatics.   It is a practice of self sensing, through slow mindful movement, with a potential for freedom and spaciousness not just in movement but perhaps on many other levels for the Soma.  And so, for the next three years I am on a journey to become an Essential Clinical Somatics Educator.   It speaks to a deep truth I am compelled to explore.
I will always be out there to help you along in your movement journeys to become better movers, as this has been my choosen path for 45  years now.  To move spaciously, brings freedom and joy potentially on so many levels!  Thank you for inspiring me on a daily basis to be my best.  I will miss you all.  I am grateful the wonderful Pilates eq community will continue to provide you with the best support along your journey to good movement.  To my partners Kelly and Lorraine, thank you for being a part of this journey with me.  Jenn (our glue), and all the wonderful instructors, Carrie, Angie, Cyndy, you are all amazing and so dedicated.  I am grateful to each and every one of you.
Peace, joy and love to you all,  Kim