Breath & Pilates

There are many reasons why Breath is one of Joseph Pilates 7 principles. Today I am going to refer to one of these reasons by sharing my very first Pilates lesson with you. 


On an intellectual and instinctual level we all know that breath is fundamental to our lives, we wouldn't be here without it! Somehow we manage to get along with very shallow breaths or even holding it altogether as we race through our fast paced lives. 




I still remember my very first Pilates experience 15 years ago. (I was fortunate to have a good teacher who emphasized the breath aspect!) At the end of the hour I felt very calm and grounded, my whole body felt alive and connected. I believe it was my first light bulb moment with breath & body-mind connection. This started a journey within me that I will not end until I take my last breath!


My first private Pilates session left me hungry for me. Coming from an athletic background, the movements felt very basic, but I could see clearly how my body was limited in movement through various joint restrictions that had been building up over the years. If I was going to stay active until I took that last breath, Pilates was the movement with breath focus that I needed going forward.

Written by Kim Novotny


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