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Kelly Curry

Owner/ Partner, Certified Pilates and Yamuna® Body Rolling Instructor, B Com, CA


I followed a winding road to becoming a Pilates teacher. I studied business in university, but my passions have always been physical in nature—beginning with a love of sports. With sports, though, came injuries. Fortunately, I discovered Pilates, which helped me with my body awareness, strength and alignment issues. I soon became hooked, and decided to pursue my Pilates accreditation.


I obtained my full Pilates Certification with Michele Larsson, Core Dynamics, in Sante Fe, New Mexico. I began teaching Pilates in September 2001. In conjunction with my Pilates studies, I became an instructor of Yamuna Body Rolling in 2004.


I continue to study regularly with highly regarded teachers throughout North America. In 2011 I became accredited in Pilates for Buff Bones, and in 2012 I became a Licensed Fletcher Pilates Provider. I have also been accredited in 2015 as a MELT Method®- Hand and Foot Treatment practicioner.


Pilates has been such a positive experience in my life and I feel honored to share its many benefits with our wonderful clients.


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Kim Novotny

Owner/ Partner, Certified Pilates and Yamuna® Body Rolling Instructor, B Physical Ed.

kim Novotny

To experience joy and freedom through movement is a gift that impacts all aspects of our overall health!  A gift we can take for granted unless we have experienced pain or discomfort which prevents us from moving freely.
My career path as a movement educator started at age 13, teaching gymnastics.  It has been a wonderful journey with many twists and turns.  My curiosity and the quest for truth have always been my compass.
As an injured athlete I found Pilates; an intelligent, mindful, strength through length training, with a focus on breath.  This began a deeper journey within.  It led me to what I believe to be the deep truth in movement re-education-Somatic Movement!  I am currently in a three-year study to become a clinical Somatic Educator.  My passion is to help people create the possibility of spacious, joyful movement in an everlasting way.  To move free is to live free!


  • Full Pilates Certification, Core Dynamics, 2000
  • Yamuna  Body Rolling Instructor, 2009
  • Hand/Foot Treatment Practitioner, Melt Method, 2015
  • Hanna Somatics Movement Instructor, 2016  

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Lorraine Kruper

Owner/Partner, Certified Pilates Instructor, B Com, CA

I found Pilates on what I thought was a brief sabbatical from the corporate world. Little did I know! I loved the detailed mind/body aspect of the work so much that I had a new career.


I have always been active in sports, but suffered with body imbalances that caused recurring knee and back pain. Pilates helped me address them. I acquired my full Pilates certification from Michele Larsson and Pilates EQ in 2008.


I love sharing my knowledge, helping my clients find their own body awareness, strength and flexibility. Breath is so important as it inspires your movement. I’m very interested in how the body moves and always looking to learn more about anatomy and other release and movement therapies. I am also a licensed provider of Fletcher Towelwork®, Floorwork® and Barrework™.


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Angela Hubble

Certified Pilates Instructor

I’m a paralegal by day and a part-time Pilates instructor at night.  I joined the Pilates EQ family in 2010 and became fully certified through the Peak Pilates System in 2011. I am an avid dragon boat coach, and that experience reflects itself in my energetic watchful eye and my positive Pilates classes.


After several cycling accidents and years of athletic pursuits, I needed to find an exercise regime to heal my body. I started taking Pilates classes in 2004 and, after several years of practice and pain-free days, I was hooked.


I believe in the power of Pilates to transport the mind and support the body. My own experience has taught me that Pilates can heal the body and mind, making them both stronger. Now that I practice Pilates consistently, I am free to enjoy the sports I love without injury.


I want to share with others the magic of Pilates, so becoming a teacher was part of a natural progression. Through teaching, I continue to learn more about Pilates. I have also had the privilege of meeting many very special people on their own individual journeys.  In 2015 became accredited for The MELT Method® and use that to help people relieve "Stuck Stress". 


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Cyndy Creighton

Certified Pilates Instructor

 Cyndy CBio Coming soon!

Carrie Kohler

Certified Pilates Instructor


After learning the pilates matwork under Pilates EQ owner Kelly Curry I discovered how much I loved the full body nature of pilates both on the mat and the equipment.


A desire to share the brilliance of the pilates method led me to enrol in the Core Dynamics pilates certification program in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I studied under and was certified by Michele Larsson in 2009,  I am also mat certified with the Physical Mind Institute and am a licensed Fletcher Pilates Provider which includes the Fletcher Floorwork, Towelwork and Barre programs. I also have a Masters Degree in Industrial Relations and a B.S. degree in Organizational Sociology, both from Iowa State University.


What I love about pilates is that it is intelligent exercise.  Learning how to move with the breath while respecting the body is what I strive to teach my students.  I love the physical and mental challenge of the work but I most importantly just love how pilates makes me feel physically and mentally, which is healthy and strong. Sharing this with my clients is a true pleasure.



Kate Stashko

Certified Pilates Mat Instructor

I am a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer and part-time Pilates instructor. I received my full Matwork certification through the STOTT PILATES® International Training Centre in Toronto

stashko headhshot

 in 2008 and I have been teaching ever since. I have taught in both Toronto and Montréal and began teaching at Pilates EQ in 2010.

I came to Pilates in 2007 after a serious knee injury that required reconstructive surgery. Pilates gave me a way to regain my strength and rebalance my body as I recovered. It taught me body awareness and gave me a new confidence and trust in my own body. I decided that I wanted to share this experience of discovery and confidence with others.

I take pride in my attention to detail as an instructor, giving clients individual feedback on safe body alignment and proper technique. I am thrilled to be able to empower people with Pilates the way it has empowered me. I continue to be fascinated with the human body and its abilities – my clients surprise me every day!


Jennifer Moscrip

Jen joined us in 2008 and has been keeping us organized ever since!   She always has a smile for everyone she meets and we love her bubbly personality.  If you have any questions about scheduling or any other studio administration matters, she can help.