Group Equipment Class Descriptions

All equipment classes may incorporate warm up exercises on the mat or utilize small props.  Pilates equipment work combines core training with strength training for your legs, hips, arms and shoulders. The spring resistance based machines provide you with full body resistance training resulting in long, strong and supple muscles. 


Entry Level Equipment Classes



  • Learn to work from the inside out with spring based strength resistance training
  • Learn Pilates repertoire on the Reformer,  Wunda Chair, Small Barrel  and mat

EQ-Men on Machines

  • A varied equipment class for male clients!
  • Stretch out tight muscles and build core strength
  • Move with greater ease

Reformer for Golfers I 

  • A strong core and flexible spine will improve your golf game!
  • Focusing on spinal flexion, extension and rotation to strenthen your core, prevent injury and improve your swing

Rejuvenating EQ I/II

  • This bone safe class is appropriate for the aging body or those with injuries or issues in their body
  • Similar or the Rejuvenating Mat we move at a slower pace to provide attention to those with body issues

Time Out for New Moms - Equipment Mat Combo (Postnatal)

  • Pilates is perfect for the postnatal body and is one of the best methods for getting back into shape.  Rebuild your center and discover new friends in your steps to regaining your fitness.  This class will focus on breathing, posture, strengthening core and the pelvic floor.  It is a small class (Max 6) with work on both the mat and equipment. Have babies in tow or just steps away at Little Anya's Dreamland (drop in childcare center in the building).

Intermediate/ Advanced  Equipment Classes


EQ II (Prerequisite- EQ I)

  • Building on the repertoire learned in EQ I, challenge yourself with more complex movements on the Reformer, Wunda Chair and Small Barrel

Cardio Reformer II (Prerequisite- EQ I)

  • Add a Cardio component to your Reformer class with the Pilates Jumpboard.  Jump your way to aerobic health using the jumpboard- it requires an energy expenditure similar to that utilized on a treadmill or and elliptical.  Great for core and leg strength!

Rejuevnating EQ II (Prerequisite- Rejuvenating EQ I)

  • Based on the same principles as Rejuvenating EQ I but working at and intermediate level

Strength & Balance- Wunda Chair (Prerequisite- EQ I)

  • Build strength using these small but mighty pieces of Pilates equipment for body weight and resistance training.  Core strength and standing balance is greatly enhanced by training on this unique apparatus
  • The Wunda Chair helps develop back and shoulder muscles but is not ideal for those with wrist issues.

Press and Pump- Wunda Chair (Prerequisite- EQ I)

  • Join us for a class utilizing the Wunda Chair and small free weights.  A great way to pump up your fitness level!

EQ II/III (Prerequisite- EQ I )

  • Working with more intermediate repertoire on the Reformer, Wunda Chair and Small Barrel, we continue to increase the challenge and pace of the class
  • Not appropriate for those with injuries

EQ II/III- Strong Bones (Prerequisite- EQ I)

  • Pilates based equipment class that is designed to build strong bones and muscles to support body, slowing down the bone loss that occurs with age
  • This is a bone safe class that is appropriate for everyone including those with bone density issues and those interested in prevention

EQ III (Prerequisite- EQ II )

  • A Challenging equipment workout for the advance Pilates student.
  • Not appropriate for those with injuries